Infant Community

(18 months to 3 years old)
A journey to independence

The Infant Community is a home away from home for the youngest children and a supportive extension of the learning that has already begun at home. 

Les Oliviers has one Infant Community that includes a French-speaking AMI Montessori-trained guide and an English-speaking assistant. 

Each classroom is a specially prepared environment designed to meet the needs of children this age allowing them to become independent and develop curiosity and concentration.

In the Infant Community we work on:

Language Development

Communication and vocabulary


Referred to as Grace and Courtesy – learning to be in a community and development of the soft skills


Fine and large motor skills

Practical Life

Food preparation and care of the classroom environment

Functional Independence

Care of oneself and bathroom independence

The Montessori materials, joyfully presented and freely chosen, create a strong foundation for reading, writing, creativity, critical thinking and participation in an active, diverse community. By the time children have completed their time in Primary they have become poised, proud, and compassionate leaders for the younger children. They have learned to think for themselves, approach learning with joy, and self-regulate their emotions for social harmony.