Casa Dei Bambini

(3 to 6 years old)
Satisfying this conscious and curious worker

Casa Dei Bambini class is a joyful, peaceful community of children from 3 to 6 years old.

Les Oliviers has one Casa dei Bambini that includes a French-speaking AMI Montessori-trained guide and an English-speaking assistant.

The classroom environment is carefully designed to meet the needs of students this age, who are described by Dr. Montessori as possessing “absorbent minds.” The teacher acts as a nurturing guide and facilitator. Children are given sequenced lessons designed to increase their skill and independence. Once they have been introduced to the activities and materials, children enjoy choosing their own work.

The Primary program focuses on these areas:

Practical Life

Care of self, care of the environment, food preparation


Hands-on materials to develop and refine senses allowing the child to describe and understand the world around him/her


Concrete materials to learn the decimal systems, additions, subtractions, multiplication and division


Materials to lay the foundation for reading and writing. There is an emphasis on communication and children explore all aspects of spoken and written language.


Geography, zoology, botany, arts, music

Grace and Courtesy

Respect and empathy are practiced daily in the Primary community.

The Montessori materials, joyfully presented and freely chosen, create a strong foundation for reading, writing, creativity, critical thinking and participation in an active, diverse community. By the time children have completed their time in Primary they have become poised, proud, and compassionate leaders for the younger children. They have learned to think for themselves, approach learning with joy, and self-regulate their emotions for social harmony.